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Sana Rahman sought out a food distribution site with the non-profit organization known as All Faiths Food Bank in hopes of providing food to those who need it. All Faiths Food Bank is a part of the larger, national organization known as Feeding America, a corporation whose goal is to help those in poverty by providing them with resources to pursue their dreams and goals. Seeing the poverty within Sarasota, starting a food distribution site at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB), her local mosque, seemed liked the perfect opportunity to serve those within the community. Aside from wanting to aid those within Sarasota, Sana saw a need for Muslim involvement in the community after realizing that amongst all of All Faiths Food Bank’s collaborations with different places of worship that there was not a single mosque involved in this nationwide outreach program. Thus Sana began to work out the logistics of establishing a relationship with All Faiths Food Bank until at the beginning of 2016 distribution began. The food distribution site was made in collaboration with a local church known as the Church of the Trinity and is meant to serve as a means to bridge different communities together. 

Community Food Drive

A Food Drive started by Sana Rahman at her local mosque in Sarasota, FL to help provide food for those in need, increase Muslim community involvement, and bridge different communities together.

An Overview on Food Distributed

An average distribution will have an array of foods such as pastas, noodles, drinks, cereals, vegetables, meats, amongst other options. There is an average of 1000 pounds of food distributed on each date.


Read What Others Are Saying The Food Drive


“As Muslims it is our duty to feed the poor and take care of those who are less fortunate in our community.”


Shiraz Hassan, ISSB President

Sana Rahman began thinking about collaboration with All Faiths Food Bank during her sophomore year, seeking a forum to increase the Muslim population's involvement in the community. Realizing the amount of underserved individuals within Sarasota, Sana saw creating a food distribution site at her mosque, Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB), as the most effective way to aid those in need. After months of discussion, she was able to secure a distribution location and schedule for the food bank –the food distribution would be held once a month at the mosque. Wanting to not only help those in need, but also clear up misconceptions about the Muslim community, Sana sought out a joint food bank collaboration with Church of the Trinity, a church that preaches inclusiveness and peace, accepting members of all different ethnicities, colors, and orientation, in order to make the food distribution an interfaith occasion. Since the start of the distribution site at the mosque at the start of 2016, both ISSB and Church of the Trinity have continued their collaboration through joint community outreach programs and religious awareness in each respective place of worship.

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My Story
Media Coverage

Media Coverage


The distribution to members of the Sarasota community occurs the third Saturday of every month and is open to any person. The distribution is set up so no form of identification is needed nor an address, clients simply have to write their name and number of people in their family before picking up food.  

  • Number of distributions : 13

  • Number of people served: 615

  • Number of children in household served: 797

  • Number of pounds of food distributed: 10,920



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